About Us

Since 2010, we’ve been perfecting the way people get things done.

The competitive advantage of having great people and great tech, on demand

At Fancy Hands we’ve built a proprietary work management platform and amassed a workforce of thousands of skilled, US based virtual assistants (find us on Virtual Assistant Reviews). This allowed us to bring remote assistants to the masses, giving people more time to do what they love. Today, we’re using our technology, workforce, and expertise to do the same thing, but for businesses like yours. We’ve blended automation and real people to create, execute, and continuously optimize strategies for lead management, research & data collection, and marketing logistics. Our solutions give clients in a diverse set of industries a substantial competitive advantage with consistent, high-quality performance that most companies can rarely achieve with in-house teams or traditional outsourcing.

Giving growing businesses access to talented, American workers

Traditionally, outsourcing is about hiring outside the US to save companies money but given our experience at Fancy Hands, we know that there are certain jobs that require the skill and knowledge of a person who lives in the US. While simultaneously there are thousands of US businesses in desperate demand for skilled individuals to do large scale operations remotely, but still within the US. It’s a classic win-win — ensuring clients get access to the best talent, while giving skilled Americans the opportunity to work with category-leading businesses.

Our Operations Associates
  • Remote, US-based virtual assistants
    Using skilled, US based virtual assistants always ensures the highest-quality results. In addition, distributing the work across multiple people costs less (and produces more) than a full-time employee.
  • Skilled professionals
    All of our workers have been selected based on their quality of work, critical thinking skills, professionalism, and performance.
  • Incentivized to find the best leads
    Our lead management workers are incentivized to find and close qualified leads, which guarantees results that will meet (or exceed) your expectations.
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