Why Us?

We increase and scale operations for our clients. Leverage our skilled outbound callers and smart automation.

Top reasons companies choose us
  • 1
    Skilled US Callers
    Our clients love working with Americans who have the professionalism and critical thinking skills required to capture prospects’ interest, do nuanced qualification, and deliver meetings.
  • 2
    Real-time Optimization
    Rather than guessing their way through it, our clients love that our proprietary CRM platform can automatically optimize for timing, cadence, messaging, and worker performance — in realtime.
Everything you need to achieve transformational growth
Custom sales funnel
Everything we create is fully customized to your needs, from the call scripts and email templates to the prospect lists and outreach schedule.
To find and convert the right decision makers, we’re constantly A/B testing — from call/email messaging to cadence to worker performance.
Short Ramp Up
We onboard new clients in as little as 2-4 weeks. There’s no development work or software trainings, just new leads on your calendar.
Consistent follow-up
We consistently follows up with every prospect so you will be top of mind when the timing is right, whether that’s every month, quarter, or year.
Dedicated project management
Your team includes a Project Manager and Project Coordinators who are trained in project management, execution, and optimization.
We support existing sales teams
We can turn your two reps into a team of 12, giving your leverage and scale (and for only a fraction of the cost of a full-time employees).
When it comes to deployment, we can make thousands of calls per week, per client, typically taking 75% less time than in-house teams.
How we build business process solutions customized to your needs
  • Step 1: Consultation
    We’re looking for long-term partners. We take the time to learn about your business and tell you about ours to ensure a good fit.
  • Step 2: Defining the target
    We can help refine and segment your existing lists, or build a new one from scratch, doing as much of the heavy lifting as necessary.
  • Step 3: Messaging + cadence
    We collaborate with you to create specific messaging and cadence, from the initial pitch to the handoff, so the process is seamless and scalable.
  • Step 4: Optimize + deploy
    We start with a slow drip to optimize messaging, medium, timing and performance — then we turn on the faucet to fill the funnel!
  • Step 5: Delivery + handoff
    We make email introductions, schedule calls and demos, and send you a customized spreadsheet of warm leads. You tell us how you want the handoff and we’ll deliver.
  • Step 6: Analysis + expansion
    There’s always room to grow. We help identify areas for cross-selling, market expansion, and strategies to continue scaling your business.
  • Helped us win Fortune 1000 clients
    "ODO is an absolute pleasure to work with. Their positivity, ability to quickly react to our needs and their proactive approach to our relationship was greatly appreciated by our team. It felt like they were a part of our team, and they genuinely cared about our company's success. Their targeted outreach resulted in meetings that helped us win Fortune 1000 clients. I'd recommend their services to anyone looking for a dedicated lead generation partner!"
    Sarah Dobson, New Business & Client Development @ Starmind
  • Better than hiring in house
    “We are now able to grow faster, reach more markets, and make more money than before we partnered with On Demand Ops.”
    Kevin Kirk, CEO @ SocialNova
  • Big project, short timeline, great results
    “Massive calling campaigns that require good phone conversation skills are the type of work people hate to do, and that people hate managing other people to do. And you guys are really good at it.”
    Sean Devine, Co-founder & CEO @ XBE LLC
  • Highly recommended for nuanced data collection
    “ODO does a fantastic job understanding those complexities, creating a repeatable process, and then executing at scale to deliver the exact results we need.”
    David Spittel, President @ InBalance Solutions
  • Delivered what they promised
    “ODO is consistently generating appointments with highly qualified leads, some that are now clients. Their pay per performance model and flexibility to execute at scale are a big advantage.”
    Dan Baccarini, Founder @ J.C. Trident
  • They discovered a new market
    “ODO really learned our business, and even came up with a entirely new customer vertical to target for our services.”
    Dave Rose, Chief Operating Officer @ MicroSolved
Ready to achieve transformational growth?